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While Indefinite Leave to Remain means you can permanently live and work in the UK, many people wish to go one step further and become a British citizen with all the rights and benefits this affords you – benefits including the travel convenience provided by a British passport.

We are dedicated to helping you through the process, whether you’re applying for naturalisation as an adult or seeking registration for a child. We always look to demystify the process, explaining what will happen at each stage in your journey towards citizenship, and providing you with the very best legal guidance throughout.

We are here to help with:

Naturalisation Application

If you are an adult who has completed a qualifying period of residence in the UK, and who meets the other eligibility criteria, you can apply for naturalisation as a British citizen. This is never a decision that’s taken lightly, so we are here to explain the process and your options, and, through our legal expertise, to maximise your chances of success and your formal entry into the British community.

Registration Application

This is primarily the application route for children to become British citizens. There is a whole host of criteria that could make your child eligible for registration and we’re here to provide specialised advice to help you navigate the options available to you and maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

Appeals and Reviews

If your application is refused, we can provide you with strategic advice on your right to a review. Not every application goes as planned, but it’s also the case that not every challenge is insurmountable and not every refusal is final. Therefore, we are here to set out your choices, determine whether an appeal is feasible, advise on the most effective way forward, and turn things around where possible.

We are here to support you in your ambition to become a British citizen. Our expertise in this area means that we will offer clarity, guidance, transparency and care throughout your citizenship journey. With fixed fees and senior counsel access, you can be assured that your citizenship application is in safe hands.

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