Complicated BNO visa application

BNO Application

I am so impressed about how my case was handled by Usman. Usman is a gentleman who always aims to achieve the best for his client. My case is a complicated case. The original application had been refused. I then approached the wrong solicitor who provided poor advice to me and this resulted in entry being refused a 2nd time. Under this situation, I contacted various solicitors and only Usman was confident to help and handle this case. Originally, he stayed quite conservative and explained about the truth of the success rate for this case which was low. However, after we had the first discussion on the phone, that literally gave him far more confidence. As I understood from what I noticed and heard from his voice during the case work, he wished to go further by not only applying under the legal framework, but fully applying the exceptional consideration. Eventually, the result was clear – the application HAS BEEN APPROVED and this even ONLY TOOK A WEEK to happen.

I just can’t use my words to show how I appreciate this outstanding solicitor, as once you know him in a professional way, you will definitely notice how his personality and professionalism could definitely change a very difficult situation for you in all matters about British immigration issues.

And just one time, if you are definitely facing difficult immigration issues in the UK / out of the UK, please do contact Usman. He will provide you an affordable quote after he understands your situation and will tell you honestly about the success rate even when it’s low. He will try his best to think out of the box to get every way to clear your case.

Thank you Usman, you are absolutely a STAR.

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